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Post Concert Breakdown: American Authors & O.A.R.

One of my favorite concert venues in New Jersey is the PNC Bank Arts Center. It only takes me about 30 minutes to drive there and only about 10 minutes max to leave the parking lot at the end of the night, (God bless). Every seat in the venue provides for a good view of the show, and lawn seats are a cost-savvy way to see your favorite artists without breaking the bank. I have frequented PNC more than any other concert venue- I’ve been witness to Kelly Clarkson, the Dixie Chicks, Sam Hunt, Kesha + Macklemore, Lady Antebellum + Darius Rucker, and most recently, American Authors and O.A.R.

Sounds Like Sherbet

Music has a suspicious way of capturing feelings – and sometimes flavors – in particular sounds and words. The most recent flavor to capture my attention has been sherbet. The following four songs are songs that transport my mind to a dreamy and soft soundscape filled with swirls of light pink and orange swirls, reminiscing on days past.