Hi. I’m D.J. Kay, and I have an obsession with music.

It’s funny how we can hear certain songs and be shot back to a particular moment in time and space. 

“Nothing’s Wrong” by Echosmith was the song I was listening to when I received my first college acceptance. “Landslide”, recorded by the Dixie Chicks, was the first song I learned to play on the guitar. “Sunset Jesus” from Avicii was the first song I played every pre-game my freshman year in college. And “Night Bus”, by Gabrielle Aplin, was the song I had on repeat after ending a serious relationship. 

Whatever the occasion, music has been there. It always will be there. This space is dedicated to all the artists who have created something that has been there, the artists creating things that will be there, and the artists who are dreaming of creation. 

Music is here. Music is here. Music is here.

I am D.J. Kay; nice to meet you.