Lady Gaga to Launch New Makeup Line, “Haus Laboratories”

Lady Gaga is the latest musician to head over to the makeup industry. Mother Monster announced on her social media yesterday afternoon that her brand “Haus Laboratories” will be launching this year, and available for pre-order July 15th. Her campaign is centered on using makeup to express your true self, not on covering up blemishes or slimming your face; it’s a focus on artistry and individuality. After all, this is the woman who brought us some of the most iconic music and performances of the past two decades. She literally showed up to an award show in a dress made entirely out of meat. If Gaga doesn’t have authority on what it means to embrace who you are and manifest the vibes you want to manifest, then I don’t think anyone has the ability to be that authority.

Gaga recently took a step back from the fantastical get-ups to go bare-faced for the re-make of the classic film, “A Star is Born”, with Bradley Cooper. It was the first time since the release of her Netflix bio-flick, “Gaga Five Foot Two”, that the public got to see Gaga stripped of all the magic, all the makeup, all the costumes. Gaga wasn’t the character “Lady Gaga”, but rather who the public would deem to be herself, Stefani Germanotta. However, with the “Haus Laboratories” campaign, Gaga argues that to use makeup in diverse and boundary pushing ways is to be yourself. The driving purpose behind “Haus Laboratories” is to celebrate who you are. 

The ad campaign is one of the most diverse makeup ad campaigns on the market today, featuring cultural diversity, and people who challenge gender and sexuality norms. Embracing who you are on the inside and then outwardly portraying that is an act of bravery- makeup has literally become the war paint with which we arm ourselves on the daily. But instead of thinking of skin blemishes or unruly eyebrows as the enemy, “Haus Laboratories” puts forth the notion that our enemies are the people who dictate to us how we should look. 

Our enemies are those who push a narrative of sameness and erasing individuality. 

So, while Gaga is right in saying “The last thing we need is one more makeup brand”, what we do need is a makeup brand that pushes a narrative different than the rest. The war cry of all Monsters, (Gaga fans), is from one of the biggest hits of Gaga’s career, “Born This Way”. And it’s this war cry that resounds with every new business venture by Gaga. We were all Born This Way, so let’s paint our faces however we want, and embrace our true selves. 

You can pre-order “Haus Laboratories” makeup line starting July 15th from Amazon.