Song of the Day: “Boiling Point” by Smith & Thell

Some love songs are too generic; they contain the same old lyrics, the same old story line, or the same old beat. But Swedish indie folk duo Smith & Thell have managed to craft a love song that is diverse. The occasional single piano note adds just the right amount of classical genre to this upbeat folk song, and does not leave the ears tired. Further, the duo’s expert melding of their voices allows the song to keep moving, and adds vocal depth. But perhaps the true gemstone of the song is the writing itself. The metaphor of someone else as a one’s “boiling point” is poignant and nothing short of Shakespearean. “Boiling Point” is the perfect indie wedding song alternative to Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud”.

To listen to “Boiling Point”, and to check out the rest of the album called “Soulprints”, head here.