Sounds Like Sherbet

Music has a suspicious way of capturing feelings – and sometimes flavors – in particular sounds and words. The most recent flavor to capture my attention has been sherbet. The following four songs are songs that transport my mind to a dreamy and soft soundscape filled with swirls of light pink and orange swirls, reminiscing on days past.

  • Peer Pressure– James Bay, Julia Michaels: The soft but swiftly building melody, and the entwining of Bay and Michaels’ voices transports listeners to swings on fluffy golden clouds and tastes like marshmallows. This song is outrageously smart and well written; capturing the softness of falling for someone new.
  • Lottery– Jade Bird: Sporting acoustic guitar, a catchy and scream-able chorus, and a fierce voice, Bird creates a song that is akin to lemon meringue sherbet. It plates a tangy and biting narrative in a pleasing and inviting anthem.
  • Alaska– Maggie Rogers: Perchance I did not listen to Maggie Rogers’ newest album for months because I was lacking in judgement? Whatever the reason, you can find me kicking myself while you listen to “Alaska”, one of the many dreamy songs from Heard It In A Past Life. All over social media Rogers is referenced as a witchy being, and after listening to her sound, which invokes memories of Florence & The Machine and Hozier, I understand why. Give this song a listen if you want to feel like an other-worldly force is leading you through a dew-covered forest at dawn.
  • Night Bus– Gabrielle Aplin: When I first heard this song, I had it on repeat for a good three hours. The intro alone should be in a museum. The notes are filled with knowledge of the past and hope for the future. Aplin has penned a song that curates a sense of freedom and nostalgia at the same time, much like what one feels as a newly adult when they realize they can eat sherbet at any hour of the day and no one can stop them. “Night Bus” displays a self-awareness and maturity exhibited by only the supreme sundaes of the songwriting community.

You can find this utterly delicious and sweet playlist here.